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Trail Tales: Leave No Trace Follies and How to Avoid Them

The fresh air, the birdsong, the triumphant feeling of reaching the summit... and then you trip over your own untied shoelace and go sprawling. The trail is full of unpredictable moments, some awe-inspiring, others just plain comical.   Let's embrace the lighter side of outdoor adventures with a few common trail fails and how to avoid them with Leave No Trace in mind:

Fail #1: The Phantom Water Bottle

You hear that ominous clunk as your water bottle takes a flying leap off a cliff.  Goodbye hydration, hello parched hike back.

  • Fix: Secure all water bottles with carabiners, clips, or pack straps.
  • Leave No Trace Bonus: If you do lose something, backtrack diligently to retrieve it.

Fail #2:  Nature's Calling...Awkwardly

You scramble behind a bush for a bathroom break, only to realize you're in full view of the scenic overlook.

  • Fix: Know before you go! Research designated bathroom areas, or be prepared to dig a cathole well away from trails, water sources, and camps.
  • Leave No Trace Bonus: Pack out all toilet paper and waste in designated bags.

Fail #3: Snack Attack Havoc

A gust of wind turns your granola bar into a flurry of crumbs attracting hangry squirrels.

  • Fix: Use designated food storage at campsites. On the trail, pack snacks in secure containers, not flimsy wrappers.
  • Leave No Trace Bonus: Never feed wildlife. Human food disrupts their natural behavior.

Fail #4:  The Overambitious Backpack

Loaded with gear you'll never use, your pack feels like a ton of bricks halfway through the hike.

  • Fix: Plan ahead, pack light. Stick to the essentials and be realistic about your distances.
  • Leave No Trace Bonus: A lighter pack means less strain on your body and the delicate trail environment.

Fail #5: Navigational Nightmare

That "shortcut" turned into a bushwhacking ordeal, and now the sun's setting.

  • Fix: Stick to marked trails, carry a map AND compass, and know how to use them.
  • Leave No Trace Bonus: Stay on the trail to prevent erosion and protect fragile vegetation.

It Happens to the Best of Us

Trail fails are a rite of passage for any outdoor enthusiast.  The important thing is to learn, laugh, and always strive to minimize our impact on the environment.  With a little planning, a sense of humor, and commitment to Leave No Trace, we can all be trailblazing heroes (or at least avoid becoming the cautionary tale).

Your Turn to Share! We want to hear your funniest trail mishap!   Comment below, and let's spread some laughs and valuable trail wisdom.
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