About Us

Nature at the Heart of Fashion

Welcome to WildWisp, your urban sanctuary of green in a world of concrete.
Here, a unique band of urban farmers – the visionaries behind WildWisp – dared to dream differently.

The Spark

It wasn't a boardroom brainstorm, it was a heartbreak. Hiking through our favorite woods, the beauty was pierced by a discarded plastic bottle on the trail. As nature lovers, dedicated to our urban farm where we nurture life from seed, it felt so wrong. Our love of style clashed with that moment, and a fire ignited - we had to find a way to make those passions work together, not against each other.


    Wild Wisp was born from that determination. We dove into sustainable fabrics (turns out, they're incredible, and earth-friendly!), vowing to make them as stylish as they are ethical. We sought out fellow nature lovers to collaborate on artwork – designs that turn your clothes into wearable reminders of the wild beauty we fight for. There were challenges, but the belief that you shouldn't have to sacrifice style or the planet kept us going.

    The Promise

    Today, Wild Wisp is about more than clothes. It's about community – the hikers, the urban gardeners, the people who see discarded trash and wish for something better. Every nature-inspired print, every tree we plant with your help...it proves style can heal, not harm. This is our promise: Wild Wisp will always put connection to nature first. Because whether it's on the trail or tending to our sprouts, we believe in a future where fashion and a thriving Earth walk hand in hand.

      Ready to Join the Wild Wisp Movement?

      We started as two people who dared to dream of a different way to do fashion, and because of you, we're making that a reality. Together, we're turning our love for nature into action. Discover your favorite Wild Wisp pieces today - wear them as badges of shared purpose, as reminders that even your wardrobe can be a force for good.

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